Keystone Products and Services

  1. On site inventory of NR contents/Assessments
    • Professional and Knowledgeable contents assessment staff with many years of experience.
    • Fast turnaround times – means faster closing of files.
    • We assess commercial/professional/personal content claims
    • Assessments for 1 to 5000 line losses
  2. Software solutions for adjusters and administration staff
    • Ability to connect adjusters/restoration/insureds via SOL Enhanced.
    • Contents Call center support for subscription users of KAS Product solutions.
    • Full software suit with report analytics
  3. SOL Enhanced
    • Online data entry system operated at managed entirely from within the Keyassessments system.
    • Access can be managed at the claim or user level.
    • Adjusters or claim support staff can dole out access to whomever they choose for data entry.
    • When users are finished a notification goes to the adjuster or support staff and all items from SOL Enhanced are imported with just a click.
    • Please see our contact page to request more information